Bookkeeping, Payroll Services in West Seattle, WA

Butzerin Tax & Accounting has a very unique view of bookkeeping and payroll services. Our goal is always to keep it simple, affordable and easily comprehensible. We rarely have clients buy expensive computers, use complex/expensive accounting software or hire full time bookkeepers. We like to have clients use the software and computers they already own. We encourage them to do the majority of the data entry either themselves or with the staff they already have. We train clients and their staff how to keep books, find errors and read financial reports. This keeps the cost to an absolute minimum and gives them a firm grasp of what’s happening with their business.

Payroll is a bit of a different matter. To keep proper payroll records, fully complying with state and federal requirements is a complex job. We provide payroll service including filing all required taxes and returns at very low cost. We normally receive hours via e-mail and send paystub data back the same way. Every payroll cycle the client receives the entire payroll journal with all schedules attached. We make the required federal payroll deposits to ensure they are done on time. Our systems are simple and easy to understand, and we take as much burden off our customers as possible.

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