Tax & Accounting services in West Seattle WA

Butzerin Tax & Accounting offers tax services for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We also provide low cost and efficient bookkeeping and payroll services. Finally, we do business consulting and handle client cases dealing with the; IRS, state L&I, Employment Security.

Tax Preparation

We have been preparing taxes in this location for many years and have built a loyal base of clients who are like family to us. We offer tax preparation for individuals, small business owners and landlords. We also do partnership, S Corp, C Corp, estates and trusts. We often perform the necessary bookkeeping for tax clients in order to prepare their annual taxes as part of the process. We use very capable software provided by Thompson Reuters CS Ultra Tax.


Bookkeeping & Payroll

Butzerin Tax & Accounting has a very unique view of bookkeeping and payroll services. Our goal is always to keep it simple, affordable and easily comprehensible. We rarely have clients buy expensive computers, use complex/expensive accounting software or hire full time bookkeepers.



Helping people start and run new businesses is more than a job we do, it’s our ministry. We take great satisfaction in guiding new entrepreneurs through getting registered and starting to use accounting data. Many new business clients come to our firm with problems in compliance including fines and penalties. This can be with the IRS or state agencies like L&I and ESD.