Business Consulting in West Seattle, WA

Butzerin Tax & Accounting, in West Seattle provides consultation for business, fines and penalties by IRS or state agencies like L&I and ESD across West Seattle Washington.

Helping people start and run new businesses is more than a job we do, it’s our ministry. We take great satisfaction in guiding new entrepreneurs, through getting registered and using accounting data. Many new business clients come to our firm with compliance issues, including fines and penalties. This can be with the IRS or with state agencies like L&I and ESD. We help with audit assistance, negotiations, compliance, and regulation issues.

We also analyze data and advise businesses how to maximize revenue and minimize costs. That may sound simple, but using accounting data to grow and improve a business is an art. Moving beyond keeping books for compliance and historical reasons only and using them to learn and grow…is what we do.

Achieve new insights to your business! Give us a call today at (206) 935-6900 to schedule an appointment with our team at a time that fits your schedule. Butzerin Tax & Accounting provides excellent business consultation services across West Seattle, Washington.